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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the access to the jacuzzi included in the price ?
Yes, the jacuzzi is included in the bedroom price. It is located outside, next to the swimming pool. Il is open between 4 and 7pm, which allows everyone, during 30 minutes, to enjoy hydro-massages in a hot bath, while admiring the foothills of the Larzac….
How to offer a stay to a friend?
By simply making a reservation in your name and mentioning the name of the beneficiary for a gift voucher. We will contact you within 24 hours for the modalities of sending a personalized gift voucher.
Why don't you accept pets?
For the quietness of the site and for the hygiene in the rooms. Many people are allergic to hair!
Moreover, Jade and Monie, our two donkeys are not friends with dogs. Neither are our sheep and our chickens!
Why don't you accept children?
For security reasons: the Hermitage Saint Pierre is a former priory from the 10th century, the garden is not enclosed and has many irregular stairs and unsecured stone walls.
Moreover, our rooms are equipped with a double bed, with no possibility of adding an extra bed.
What is included in prices ?
1% Tourist taxes and 10% VAT are included in the publisched prices of rooms as well as a free and private access to the jacuzzi (at least every two nights) and Wifi.
Breakfast is not included in the rate.
Why is breakfast not included in the accomodation prices ?
In the five years that we have been welcoming guests, we have noticed that many people on holiday get up too late for our breakfast service or are not hungry in the morning.
Whether or not you opted for breakfast when you made your initial reservation, once you arrive, you may add or cancel it until the evening before.
If you don't do table d'hôtes, how am I going to eat?
The nearest restaurants are 10 minutes away from the Hermitage, on the medieval square of Nant village. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.
Can I bring my food and eat there?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to picnic at lunch and dinner. A refrigerator and a microwave are at the disposal of our guests in a common room.
Is there network for my mobile phone?
White zones still exist in France! Nestled in the Dourbie gorges, the Hermitage Saint Pierre is one of them. Thanks to a private antenna installation, we receive SFR and Bouygues in 4G. In the meantime, with the completion of the work to install a 4G antenna by the General Council on the Causse Noir, for the other operators, you will have a network two kilometres from the Hermitage.
Why is Wifi limited?
Because we are in ‘White zone’!
Thanks to a private antenna system, we receive a 4G signal but it is not yet eligible for unlimited internet package. Our Wifi is therefore active from 7am to 10pm, it will allow you to receive your emails or make calls from the terrace of your room without any problem. For videos or streaming reading, it will be more complicated, unless the fiber arrives earlier than expected …
Is there television in the rooms?
For peace and quietness of the place, there is no television in the rooms.
Do you have twin-bedded rooms ?
We can configure all rooms with two 90cm beds. This action involves a significant amount of extra work for us. This is why we ask for at least 24 hours notice and a supplement of 20€ (free for the Bois room).
We advise you to add a remark of this request when you make your reservation.
Why can't I book a one-night stay?
To avoid all Saturdays being booked in advance, thus preventing long-stay reservations which are highly appreciated during peak season.
on week-days in mid-season, you can book only one night, although it is a pity not to be able to enjoy the site longer.
Does the access bridge happen to be flooded sometimes ?
Yes, it does ! The Dourbie is a fickle river. It begins in the south of the Aigoual massif and during Cevennes episodes, heavy rains can make it rise up to several meters… Our access bridge from the main road becomes then impassable.
Hermitage Saint Pierre is still accessible with a 15 minutes deviation, by a small road on which you will enjoy the splendid landscapes of the Causse Noir.
When it happens, we inform our guests before their arrival and send a detailed itinerary.
What about the climate?
At the gateway to the Cévennes, the Hermitage Saint Pierre enjoys a Mediterranean climate. By the riverside and at an altitude of 400 metres, in spring and summer, days are very hot while evenings and nights are cool.
In mid-season, sunny days remain warm even though morning frosts are not uncommon. Certain days you may experience the famous Cévennes thunderstorms!
What's in my suitcase?
We are in the south of France, in the summer, don’t forget sunscreen and headgear to protect you from the sun. If light clothing is required, a few warmer clothes will be necessary for your evenings and nights which remain cool.
An insect repellent lotion may be useful. There are no mosquitoes, but in the countryside, some flies can be annoying.
Even if you don’t come to hike, a pair of spot shoes will allow you to enjoy the 22 hectares of the site, to approach our sheep and why not, to hold a lamb in your arms…
Why on the internet I can find two different addresses for the Hermitage Saint Pierre?
Situated on the border of the Gard and Aveyron, on 22 hectares of land, the Hermitage Saint Pierre has two entrances, one on each side of the Dourbie river which forms a natural border between these two departments.
If the telephone and the postman come from Nant, in the Aveyron, we are under the administration of Revens village in the Gard, which we reach after 7 km on a small private road going up on the Causse Noir.
We have a postal address : D991 km21, 12230 NANT
and an administrative address: 30750 REVENS
The most easily accessible entrance is still the Aveyron entrance.

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