Just over the bridge, you will find yourself in the middle of an impressive nowhere. In a former Roman priory, 5 rustic but stylish rooms have been renovated. Outside, an authentic bread oven is awaiting for your barbecue. You will wake up in a king-size bed while the bell of the 10th century chapel is ringing. You’ll enjoy loafing around by the Dourbie river, and for the bravest, there are many hiking possibilities.


Summer flight above Hermitage Saint Pierre.



The Hermitage Saint Pierre in the Dourbie valley. On the opposite hill, a trail leads to the famous Larzac plateau.


Arrival through a submersible bridge.


In case of flooding, the Hermitage St Pierre is cut off from the rest of the world! You may extend your stay while waiting for floodwaters to recede (the 11th night is generously complimentary!) Otherwise a path towards the ‘Causse Noir’ will allow you to escape back to civilization…



The Dourbie river à l’Hermitage Saint Pierre, its no-kill private fishing area. Catch and release please!



The hamlet and the meadow



The heart of the chapel of St Pierre de Revens at l’Hermitage Saint Pierre.


Baptismal fonts in the chapel.




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